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Resilience Award

There are 3 awards:

Bronze Award
Primarily for children aged 7-9 (years 3 & 4)

but can be done by any child aged 7-13.

Silver Award

Primarily for children aged 10-11 (years 5 & 6)

but can be done by any child aged 10-13.

Gold Award
For children aged 12-13 (years 7 & 8)

See below for the activites included in each area for the awards:

Children have to successfully complete all 5 elements to achieve the Award:

1. Get Active -
Take Part in an Active Club 6 months (Bronze) 12 months (Silver) 18 months (Gold) It can be a team game or a solo sport.

2. Get Cooking
Design, prepare (and cook) HEALTHY meals from raw ingredients. There are different levels of challenge of meal preparation and serving:

A Bronze challenge is a nutritious meal for at least 2 family members / friends (with at least two courses). Supervised by parent / carer.

A Silver challenge meal is for at least 4 key workers in their workplace setting e.g. make a meal for 4 members of staff in a school or 4 members of a Fire and Rescue service.

A Gold challenge meal is for a mixture of family members and at least one vulnerable member of the community (elderly, disabled, lonely etc).

3. Get Creative
Participants do a hobby, pastime or club for Bronze = 6 months, Silver = 9 months, Gold =12 months

It can be something that involves art, craft, creativity, music, reading, making things, gardening/growing, environmental work, problem-solving, community work, culture or some other area. The activity cannot be screen based.

4. Get Fundraising
Choose a worthwhile charity and, working with others in a team, raise some money for it.

5. Get out there
Bronze = 5K walk or 10k bike. Silver = 10K walk or 20k bike. Gold = 15k walk or 20k bike


Resilience Award Scheme

The Uckfield Schools Resilience Award has been designed by the Uckfield schools exclusively to promote resilience and wellbeing across the town. Like the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, it encourages pupils to take on challenges, learn new skills, be active and get out of their comfort zone. The award is designed for children from Y3 in primary school up to Y8 in secondary school.
For more information, please talk to Mrs Causton.

Please see below for the activity logs you can download and use to evidence each one of the 5 areas:


Resilience award logs

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