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Vision and Values

Our vision for Little Horsted CE Primary can be summarised as follows:

As a caring Christian community we Live, Love, Learn in the Light of the Lord: encouraging our children to 'Let their light shine' and actively seeking to create a place where everyone can flourish and learn in a safe, happy and enriching environment, feeling empowered to reach their full potential.

This vision references Matthew 5 : 15-16 from the Bible

For more details about our vision and values see below:

At Little Horsted CE Primary School we Live, Love, Learn in the Light of the Lord.  

Founded on our Christian values of Aspiration, Community, Respect, Resilience, Kindness and Love, we seek to create for our children a place where they can grow and learn in a safe, happy and enriching environment. As part of a community, we all share the desire to enable children to flourish and offer the best possible education through our creative curriculum. Children will feel empowered to achieve their full potential, whilst appreciating others and developing self-respect.

Each child will be encouraged to “Let Their Light Shine” as individuals and will leave feeling confident to take the next step in this modern world.

• To evolve a Christian Ethos within the community about everything we do, to convey to the children the importance of a personal faith in daily life and create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

• To put the interests of the children first, to value their worth and praise their achievements by providing a happy, calm yet stimulating atmosphere in which children will be motivated to learn.

 • To develop the full potential of each child by encouraging a positive attitude and an enjoyment of learning through a creative curriculum

• To help children develop self-respect, respect for others and to celebrate equality and diversity

 • To help children acquire knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future.

• To develop in our children courtesy, kindness and an appreciation of their environment.

• To encourage a partnership with parents by involving them in their child’s education and creating   an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

• To see each child as an individual in the “family” atmosphere of the school.


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